Quick – nerve and blood vessel inside the nail.

Tip of Nail – growth of nail beyond the quick that is safe to clip.

Moving Blade – half round metal clipping surface.

Fixed Blade – the metal loop the blade slides across.

Clipping – the action of trimming or cutting the nail tip.

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QuickFinder® Frequently Asked Questions

Will the QuickFinder® work on all nail types?
The QuickFinder® works on most nails, even black nails. The most important aspect of whether or not the QuickFinder® will effectively clip your pet’s nails, is the hardness (density) and size of the nail. The current guillotine style QuickFinder® nail clipper does not effectively cut extremely hard (dense) or very large nails. If your pet has extremely hard or large nails, wait until our super model comes out in early 2008.

How is this nail clipper different from other nail clippers?
The QuickFinder® is special because it solves the #1 issue with nail clipping. It allows electronic sensing so you can avoid cutting the quick, therefore avoid bleeding and pain. The QuickFinder® clipper was developed along with leaders in medical technology. The patented QuickSensor Technology lets you determine where the quick is, when properly operated. This innovative technology senses the difference between live blood, and dead nail. The unit will light red when it is not safe to cut, yellow when you should proceed with caution, and green when it is safe.

On which of my pets can I use the QuickFinder®?
There are different sized QuickFinder®s for use with dogs, cats, and small animals (like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets). The package will identify for which animal this particular unit is appropriate.

I have a larger dog; the unit says it is for small and medium dogs. How do I know if I can use it on my dog?
Generally, the QuickFinder® works on dogs up to 75 pounds. However, more important than weight, is the hardness (density) of the nail. Any current guillotine style nail clipper does not effectively cut extremely hard (dense) or large nails. If your pet has extremely hard or very large nails, wait until our deluxe model comes out in early 2008.

How does it work?
The QuickFinder® helps avoid cutting the quick, capillaries and nerve bundles on your pet. The patented QuickSensor Technology lets you know where the quick is. The unit will light red when it is not safe to cut, yellow when you should proceed with caution, and green when it is safe.

What is included in my QuickFinder® Package?
Each QuickFinder® package includes the QuickFinder® unit, two (2) AAA batteries, and in-depth instructions and helpful information.

What kinds of batteries does my unit use?
The QuickFinder® Unit uses two (2) AAA batteries, which are included. You should replace the batteries when necessary. The unit will have three lights on and the lights will stay on when the batteries have insufficient power for the unit to operate properly.

How do I change the batteries?
Changing the batteries is easy. The battery compartment is located on the bottom side of the top handle. Use your fingernail to gently pull back the tab and lift up the cover. Remove the cover of the battery compartment, and remove the old batteries. Be sure to dispose of the batteries properly. Insert two new AAA batteries following the battery placement guides in the unit. Replace cover securely.

What part of the clipper blade moves?
There are two blades in the QuickFinder®, the fixed blade and the moving blade. The moving blade is housed inside the unit, and will move forward over the circular hole in the fixed blade, when the handles are squeezed.

Will this work for cutting things other than nails?
Do not put anything other than a pet’s nail into this tool. Use this tool only for its intended use.

How much nail should I trim?
When clipping the nail, it is important to only clip the tip of the nail when the green light on the QuickFinder® is lit.

What is considered the tip of the nail?
The tip of the nail is the growth of the nail beyond the quick. It is this part of the nail that is safe to clip.

What is the quick?
The quick is the nerve and blood vessel inside the nail. On a clear nail, the quick will appear pink. It is less easy to visibly see on darker nails. Accidentally clipping this part could cause pain and bleeding to your pet. Using the QuickFinder®, will set your mind at ease because our lighting system will let you know where the quick is!

What happens if I accidentally cause bleeding to my pet?
If properly used, the QuickFinder® will tell you where it is safe to clip your pet’s nail. If, by accident, the blade comes in contact with the quick, use styptic powder, corn starch or powder to stop the bleeding. If bleeding does not stop, take your pet to an veterinary emergency room.

How should I prepare my pet’s nails for trimming?
Before clipping, clear the paw of all hair between the nails, and examine paws and nails for signs of injury. Paws and nails should be injury free and dry before proceeding with nail clipping.

My pet seems nervous, what should I do?
As pet owners, we know it’s important to be sure the grooming experience is pleasant for our pets. Bring out the QuickFinder® ahead of time and let your dog become familiar with it. It is also important that you remain calm so your pet will remain calm. Be firm with your pet but do not restrain it. Gently reassure your pet and be sure to end the trimming session with a positive act of playing, snuggling or giving a treat. If your pet is not used to having you clip their nails, you may want to do only a few nails at a time in the beginning, allowing your pet the opportunity to get used to the process. With time and practice, you will be able to complete all nails in one clipping session.

I feel nervous, what should I do?
It’s important that you remain calm because your pet will sense your apprehension. Remember, the QuickFinder® allows you to find your pet's quick with confidence. The QuickFinder® lighting system will let you know when it is safe or not safe to cut. Familiarize yourself with the unit, practice powering on, and squeezing completely before you begin to clip. Practice until you feel confident. Your confidence will help your pet feel secure, and ensure this is a pleasant experience for your pet.

How do I turn the unit on?
To power on the unit, and keep powered on, slightly squeeze handles together until the red light only is illuminated (continue to keep handles slightly squeezed together to keep power on)

What does it mean if the green light stays on?
If the green light stays on, turn the unit off by releasing handles, wait two seconds for unit to reset, and restart power on phase again. Once the red light stays illuminated, the unit has sufficient battery power and is ready for operation.

What is the proper way to hold the QuickFinder®?
The QuickFinder® encompasses a state of the art non-slip handle design for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Place the unit in your hand, in a position that will allow you to squeeze the handles together in a firm, swift motion to precisely clip, and avoid crushing the nail.

OK, I’m holding the unit and the power is on, how do I begin to clip?
With the unit powered on (red light on), insert nail into fixed blade hole from under side of clipper. Keep the under side of the nail at 90 degree angle and against the sensor side of the fixed blade hole.

Move the cutting blades toward base of nail far enough in, that quick in the nail will be detected for the first time. The red light will flicker and remain on. This sets the sensor to the quick in the nail. Note that the nail should continually be on the sensor side of the hole during sensing for sensing to occur.

The unit is on, the sensor light is red to let me know the QuickSensor Technology has detected the quick, and I’m ready to clip. How do I proceed?
Maintaining the power to unit (same pressure on handles as described above), move the cutting blades outward toward the nail tip, away from the nail base. The yellow light may briefly illuminate as the blade and sensor approaches nail without the quick. Continue moving cutting blades outward toward the nail tip until green light illuminates indicating a safe place to cut. Remember to keep the underside of the nail against the sensor side of the hole.

How do I know it is safe to clip?
When the unit is correctly positioned and the green light illuminates, it is safe to cut. It is not safe to clip when yellow or red lights are on. Use caution not to move position of the nail up or down in the hole during cutting.

How do I turn the unit off?
The QuickFinder® will automatically turn off in open position (handles not depressed) If holding the QuickFinder®, simply release the handles. All lights will turn off..

What do I do if all lights illuminate and remain on?
If all lights illuminate and remain on, there is insufficient power and batteries must be replaced.

Can I use the QuickFinder® in water?
As with any electronic device, do not use The QuickFinder® in water.

How should I clean the unit?
Use a damp cloth to wipe the blade and/or cutting blade. Be careful not to get any moisture on the sensor.

Can the blades be replaced or sharpened?
The QuickFinder® is made of the finest quality stainless steel which will give a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge that cuts through nails effortless and precisely. Due to the QuickSensor Technology inside the unit, replacement blades are unavailable. Even though the highest quality of steel is used, the blade will, over time, dull. The blade cannot be sharpened. You will need to purchase a new unit when the blade does not sufficiently clip. Do not disassemble the QuickFinder. There are no adjustments or repairs that can be made.

What should I do if my unit isn’t working properly?
The QuickFinder® clippers are designed to give you precise cutting action for many grooming sessions with your pet. Due to the high tech nature of the QuickSensor Technology, there are no adjustments or repairs that can be made to the unit. If you feel your unit is not properly working, first read the instructions included in your QuickFinder® package, and thoroughly read these Frequently Asked Questions. If you still believe there is a problem with your unit, please contact our Customer Service Team at 800-635-2044.

Are there any other useful tips that will help me easily and accurately use the QuickFinder Clipper?
As with any new technology, practice makes perfect. Remember to make sure your own hand, and your pet’s paw are clear of the sensor board. Only the nail should be near the sensor. This way, only the nail and the quick will be read by the sensor, not your hand or your pet’s paw. When clipping, you may want to brace and steady the QuickFinder Clipper by placing the thumb of the hand you are not holding the clipper with, against the side of the clipper. This procedure will steady your clipping hand, the QuickFinder clipper, and your pet’s paw.

My pet and I love our new QuickFinder® Clipper! How can I learn more about other products available from your company?
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