Quick – nerve and blood vessel inside the nail.

Tip of Nail – growth of nail beyond the quick that is safe to clip.

Moving Blade – half round metal clipping surface.

Fixed Blade – the metal loop the blade slides across.

Clipping – the action of trimming or cutting the nail tip.

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Step 1:  Power Up: To power on the unit and keep powered up slightly squeeze handles together until red light only is illuminated (continue to keep handles slightly squeezed together to keep power on). If all lights illuminate and remain on, there is insufficient power and batteries must be replaced. If green light stays on, turn unit off by releasing handles, wait two seconds for unit to reset and restart power up phase again. Once red light stays illuminated unit has sufficient battery power and is ready for operation.
Step 2: With unit powered up (red light on), insert nail into fixed blade hole from under side of clipper. Keep nail at 90º angle and against sensor side of the fixed blade hole. Move cutting blades toward base of nail far enough that quick in the nail will be detected for the first time. The red light will flicker and remain on. This sets the sensor to the quick in the nail. Note that the nail should continually be on the sensor side of the hole during sensing for sensing to occur.
Step 3: Maintaining power to unit, move cutting blades back towards nail tip away from nail base. The yellow light may briefly illuminate as blade and sensor approaches nail without quick.

Continue moving cutting blades outward until green light illuminates indicating a safe cut. It is not safe to clip when yellow or red lights are on.

Step 4: While maintaining position and angle (90º) of clipper, squeeze handles together in firm swift motion to avoid crushing nail. It is normal for green light to turn off at end of clipping action after blade has cut through nail.

If red light stays on, power off device and restart clipping process (Step 1). 

The QuickFinder® will automatically turn off in open position (Handles not depressed).

Download detailed instructions:
   How To Use QuickFinder® Clipper - English
   How To Use QuickFinder® Clipper - French 

Simple, safe, and effective! Clipping your pet's nails has never been easier and more comfortable for your pet!